2012 Black Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Gelding
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You have check out this guy! He is so special! Tomahawk stands 15.2 hands and is ready to do anything you want to do on horseback! He's been used for ranching  on a big outfit in the mountains in Montana. He's a great pasture horse and is very sure footed. You can rope, drag and brand cattle on him. Open any gate, goes where ever you point him and isn't scared of anything. Tomahawk has a super fancy handle, will spin fast and slide to a stop. Very cowy, has great rate and reads cattle good. Fun to rope on out of the box and he jumps too! Knows what a days work is, but is happy doing whatever you please. He has the kindest, most gentle disposition and if you can hold his reins, you can ride him. Tomahawk has been so much fun and is a pleasure to own. Go show him, ranch on him or just pleasure ride him, you will love him! He also has all kinds of fun tricks!