2009 Buckskin AQHA Gelding
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You won’t just love his color you will love everything about this handsome gelding. Bandit has spent his life on a working ranch. He will be your “go to” mount if you need to get the job done. He works a rope great doctoring cattle and always solid at the other end. Lots of stamina and has a huge heart and a lot of try. Great for sorting and very cow smart. Good running walk in the pasture and ground ties where you drop a rein.  Bandit knows his job and is happy doing it. He’s as honest as the day is long. Lots of direction and goes where you send him. Great to rope on in arena too. Scores great and solid in the box. Rates amazing and handles steers nicely. Anyone can back him in the box and rope on him. Bandit is perfect for any level of rider, super young or super old. He will take care of you.  If you want a gelding that has been there and done that, check him out. 

Sire: Bar B Gun To Go

Dam: Ricks Pine