2012 Gray AQHA Gelding
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Country Gold Man- Radar is as fancy of a head horse as you will find. He will be the prettiest horse anywhere you unload him. He rides better he looks. Started in reining arena, Radar has a super fancy handle. He has been hauled to ropings, jackpots and rodeos for two years. Anyone can rope on him. He’s as honest as the day is long. Runs hard, rates great, good move in the corner and faces easily. Scores great and always good in the box. Radar is the same at the jackpot as he is on Friday night in your own arena. Same every trip and easy every time. We bought this gelding for my “Go To” mount, but our horse showing just requires too much time and unfortunately we just don’t have the time to rope and show both. My loss is your gain. 100% in every way. This gelding is the entire package, you will wear out a pickup truck trying to find another like him.

Sire: Gray Country Gold

Dam: Fancys Blue Miss